API Documentation

Code Examples
We have some introductory code examples available in the PHP programming language currently. These include:
  • Interaction with the API using both Sand Box and Live environments
  • Basic payment add example
  • Payment file upload example
  • Posted/cashed CSV file upload example
  • Logo file upload example
  • Comprehensive bank account example
  • Document add sample
These examples include predefined data and sample files which you will require to be mapped to your account to work successfully. These examples instead focus on demonstrating interaction with the API, using these should give you a jump start on integration.
If you have any questions at all, please contact support.
Please Click Here to download the zip file containing the following:
  • api-example.php
  • api-bank-accounts-example.php
  • api-check-file-example.php
  • api-file-example.php
  • api-insert-example.php
  • insert-example.pdf
  • bank-account-test-file.csv
  • check-test-file.csv
  • test-file.csv
  • api-logo-example.php
  • logo-example.jpg
  • signature_sample.bmp
  • api-document-add-example.php
  • document-example.pdf
  • document-mailing-list-example.csv